Hello! I am Sisi Salamanca

Engineer by profession, Cornell University, Ontological Coach Newfield Consulting, House-Coach™ House-Coaching™ Institute.

10 years of experience as a Coach, training personnel in the area of ​​Interior Design and Coach and mentor of the House-Coaching™Institute training Architects and Designers in House-Coaching™ My purpose in life is to use my empathy and analytical skills to help people get to know each other and find the purpose of life that makes them be their best version and where they can shine and help others. I firmly believe that we all have a lot to contribute to make the world a better place. And when we discover it and align our actions with the purpose, wonderful things happen.

Sisi Salamanca
How can I help you?

How can I help you?

Purpose coaching:

Having chosen a career for the wrong reasons, I understood that the process of finding our way is not a career decision but one of self-knowledge. We need to know what our strengths are, what we are passionate about doing and how we impact people and the world with those characteristics. That is what gives meaning to our lives. I help people who feel a lack of purpose and meaning through coaching to find that path and find motivation again. On the other hand, the purpose is the same in our personal and professional lives. Knowing it allows us to integrate both aspects of ourselves.


House-Coaching is a tool for self-knowledge and personal growth that combines Interior Design and Coaching. I help people who feel that their spaces do not represent them and do not reflect them or who feel the need for change in the spaces but do not know where to start. Through coaching sessions we define a simple design proposal that does the task of unblocking the space so that it serves as support in the different moments of life. Ex: Couples who are getting married, How to decorate the first home as a couple, the child who becomes a teenager and his room does not represent him, the young adult who seeks independence but still lives with his parents, the older couple whose children left and are starting a new life together, these are moments where space can make a big difference in the well-being of people, their families and their relationships. It is also applicable in offices and workplaces.

Sales coaching for emphatic and creative

Creative people (designers, artists, musicians, etc.) have been branded as “bad sellers” That is not true. What happens is that the traditional sales scheme of forcing the customer to buy something that perhaps he does not need, does not make sense to us. For that, I teach a method that has to do with making the sales process a cordial relationship, where understands the need and seeks a solution. It involves self-knowledge so you don’t  project personal issues on our clients and also identify the personality of our client to adapt to it and not generate conflict. Sales become something pleasant for both parties, long-term relationships are generated with clients and breaks the cycle of frustration of the creative person by not selling and entering dreading the next interaction with your customer.



Purpose coaching
1 Session

$65 USD

$250.000 COP

1 Session

$72 USD

$280.000 COP

Sales coaching for emphatic and creative - 4 Sessions

$250 USD

$970.000 COP


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Purpose coaching


Sales coaching for emphatic and creative

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