We are a digital platform, designed for the Spanish-speaking population around the world that offers support in different areas of personal, emotional, physical, and/or academic development, through accessible virtual counseling, tutoring and therapy.

With the help of our excellent professionals, you will be able to rediscover the best version of yourself through different therapies, advice, tutorials and workshops from the comfort of your home, without unnecessary travel or loss of time, in an absolutely confidential and private way.

How it works?

How it works?

Choose a service

We offer you therapies, tutorials, consultancies, and workshops according to your needs.

Choose your professional

We have excellent professionals, with extensive experience and commitment.

Select your schedule

For your convenience, we have flexible hours.

Make the payment

Make your payments in an easy, comfortable, and safe way.

Connect to your session

Friendly, secure, and private platform.



We adapt to new and different ways of interaction from the place of your preference.

Therapies, consultancies, tutoring and workshops have excellent results when carried out virtually in a safe and reliable space, optimizing time and adapting to today’s needs.


In BuenEstar your capacity and desire to seek different alternatives, in the company of experts and emphatic professionals, will provide us with tools to accompany you to carry out an inner exploration in search of your well-being and tranquility.


We offer you the possibility to learn or improve your skills in different languages, and we accompany students in their academic and artistic processes.


We will advise you on possible doubts and processes regarding admission to Universities around the world and in your country of origin.

We offer you tools to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


We offer a variety of synchronous or asynchronous workshops, always thinking about your emotional well-being and tranquility.




How to live through a crisis and emerge stronger?

In this workshop you will learn to live crises in a functional and empowering way.

For you

For you

Addiction is a treatable chronic medical disease that involves complex interactions between brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individual's life experiences.
In a permanent and indiscriminate way there is always talk of integration, inclusion, curricular adaptations, flexibility in the curriculum, inclusive policies and practices, in short, so many terms...