Artistic development

Hello! I am Maria Clara Gómez

Textile designer, visual arts teacher with more than 26 years of experience in schools, 15 years for the IBO program (international baccalaureate), consultant in the preparation of portfolios.

I can share with you my experience of working in different techniques and art materials, knowledge about artists in history, especially in critical research works, such as monographs.

Based on your interests, I can guide you so that you can conceptualize and materialize your ideas, creating your own language in short step-by-step projects.

I have extensive experience advising students in the preparation of art portfolios for university applications, guiding them in the specific requirements for university.

I am here to accompany you in these processes so that you can enjoy the delights of art. According to my experience, the process of creating art not only helps improve our state of mind, but also helps us to be more empathetic people and to have a life full and happy.

María Clara Gómez


Extended Essay - May 2018 - San Jose - Costa Rica (ICS)
Extended Essay - September 2016 - San Jose - Costa Rica (British School)
Evaluation of arts - January 2009 - San Jose - Costa Rica (Lincoln School)
Visual Arts - January 2007 - Bogota - Colombia (Colegio Gimnasio del Norte)
Harvard Univesrity - Latitud and Project Zero (Graduate School of Education) - May 2005 - San José - Costa Rica
Visual Arts - January 2002 - Bogota - Colombia (Colegio Anglo Colombiano) “Education for tomorrow” Seminar - Teacher profile - Integral solutions - February 2002 - San Jose - Costa rica
International Congress of artistic formation and education - Universidad de la Sabana - Septiembre 2000 - Bogota - Colombia
Universal Arts History- Faculty of arts, social science, communication and language and education - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, march to june 1996- Bogota - Colombia.
Technique actualization in arts and crafts - October 1995 - Bogota - Colombia (Roseta)
“Thinking with the children” Seminar Faculty of philosophy - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Septiembre 1995 - Bogota - Colombia
Textile Designer - Taller cinco - Bogotá -colombia
VI International course of teaching for comprehension. “The visual arts for the learning of other disciplines” - Fundación Omar Dengo - Centro de Innovación educativa


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